Show Rings

   The South Carolina Equine Park features 3 fenced show rings, the Bonham Oval(300' x 146'), Ring 2 rectangular(276' x 144'), and Ring 3 rectangular(265' x 140'), with new, state-of-the-art footing. The outdoor rings contain an all weather footing. The covered arena has an all-purpose footing that suits many disciplines. All footing was designed by expert Bob Kiser (the official Footing Consultant for the 2010 World Equestrian Games). SCEP believes we have the best footing available in South Carolina.

   The upper and lower rings and the schooling area have high pressure irrigation systems that were designed to water rings quickly and efficiently. All other areas are watered by a water wagon or a water truck. Having great watering equipment in place helps keep dust down and the footing just the way your discipline prefers.

   The park is home to a new covered arena. It contains a 260' x 130' ring with a sand and clay mix footing.

   The park offers 2 schooling areas. The first is a 135 x 240 foot schooling area that can be converted into small rings as needed. This schooling ring contains footing identical to the two outdoor rings so you and your horse warm up on the same footing that you'll be competing on.

   The second schooling area is somewhat bigger and similar in dimensions to that of the lower ring(140' X 260'). This ring contains a solid clay base with a sand style footing. This area is great for schooling to help relieve the other schooling ring during large shows.

   We have a warm-up/lunging area that also contains a solid clay base with a sand style footing. This area is located away from the show rings and near the barns in the upper-middle part of the park. This location helps eliminate distractions during showing. It is also near the barns for improved accessibility.

   A 140 x 300 foot covered arena offers all purpose footing and holding pens, a return chute, and seating for events.