The South Carolina Equine Promotion Foundation

A Non-Profit Foundation Promoting the Horse Industry in South Carolina

   The mission of the South Carolina Equine Promotion Foundation is to provide sustainable economic growth through the rich heritage and tradition of the state's equine industry; to create the partnerships that lead to the construction and completion of the equine facility; and to undertake related projects and programs that attract regional, national, and international audiences.

   To accomplish this mission, the foundation's first project was a proposal for building the South Carolina Equine Park, a world-class, multi-purpose, multi-discipline horse facility.

   SCEPF proposed the construction of the South Carolina Equine Park in the historic town of Camden in Kershaw County. Located in the central part of the Palmetto State, the center is an all-breed, all-discipline facility offering special show rings and opportunities for multiple uses.

Footing was our first priority

   Consulting with footing experts, contestants and show producers ensured that rings were built to exacting standards. We offer several showing areas with footing in each area created for compatible breeds, instead of trying to adapt the rings for different disciplines each week. This allows the park to offer two or three types of events at the same time.

Why South Carolina Needs This Facility

 According to the American Horse Council's 2004 study there are over 9.2 million horses in the US, with a $39 billion direct economic impact on the US economy.

   According to the South Carolina Equine Census, approximately 84,300 equines reside in the state of South Carolina, with a value of $332 million.

Approximately 1,529,900 horses are estimated to reside in six neighboring states.

States throughout the US have recognized the economic benefits of providing venues for equine shows and events.

North Carolina has three state-owned facilities, Georgia has three, and South Carolina has one.

South Carolina's state-owned facility is in the northwestern part of the state at Clemson.

There is a tremendous need for an equine facility in the central part of the state.

   Kershaw County, with its long-standing reputation as an equine community, has the highest number of horses per capita in central South Carolina. For the past 125 years, Kershaw County has been a known equestrian destination. Furthermore, Kershaw County has an existing equine economic cluster with a skilled work force already in place.

   Kershaw County is located in the central part of the state; several interstate highways crisscross the region. This central location is very advantageous, as the flow of dollars tends to circulate within South Carolina.

   The primary objective of the proposed new equine park was to further enhance South Carolina's tourism appeal and generate economic and fiscal impact.

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